Saturday, May 20, 2006

Match Race Training

Although I definitely cannot train as much as I should (and would), here is something that I would definitely try out next time I'm going training. The drill, described below, is kindly provided by Fred, himself a keen dinghy and match-race sailor. I believe that he will put up a german version of this drill on his blog sometime soon.
"Take 7 sailors with good helming abilities, 2 boats of the same type and a Laser, small powerboat or else. Take one small buoy/mark with you. Lay a starting line with a fixed mark or your small craft. Man the sailing boats as following: 1 Helmsman, 1 Crew, 1 Umpire each. I had prepared: 2 protest flags on sticks. 2 table tennis rackets each for the umpires. One showed black/white and the other yellow/blue. Rule Incident with a protest flag from a competitor: umpires (sitting on the stern or standing up in the hatch of the boat) shows colour of the boat (either yellow or blue flagged on backstay) Umpires show different colours: No incident. Showing white: no incident and black: DSQ. Absolutely no contact between boats!You do a full starting routine (set clock and diving in) and short windward leg until one is clearly in front. You sail back to the starting line and swoop positions. Everyone should man the starting boat once in a full round robin. The starting boat is fitted with flags and a horn or whistle. The starter should write down the results on a list.
Afterwards have a good debriefing and a beer and I promise you. It will show results pretty soon. Smooth sailing."
I think sharing information on such drills, situations we meet on the match racing circuit, and tips and tricks will help all of us improve faster. So, let me know of any such material you want to share and I'll post them here.


Blogger Fred said...

Thanks Orkun, for putting my tipps on your blog with a link. I should use them myself, if I only had time and find enough helmsmen here in the north of Germany because I have signed in with the BMW Race during Kiel Week on the small Skippy boats. Haven´t done any Match Racing since 10 years but deep in my mind there are some moves filed which I hope to call off. Anyway it is for us Amateurs and the local BMW dealer signed me in.
If you are able to read German there is a very good article on my blog about crew work and positions on board during a Match race. The article had originally been written by Eddie Warden-Owen. I have used it with some modifications to bring me and my crew up to speed. The most important point at my hightime had been to carefully watch the "bow wave" of your competitor in a dial up and still have control over your own boat whilst he gets stuck in irons. (No loud speaking, handsigns only from your crew...) If you manage to stay on the right side, back the jib, turn around and there he gets his first penalty. Enjoy it.

6:42 PM  
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