Monday, May 08, 2006

Pre-Start Routines

There is no doubt about it. The pre-start is the most exciting and decisive part of a match race. Obviously bad team work might cost you the race even if you win the start, but still it is both a great feeling and great advantage to have a commanding position after the pre-start. Learning to get your pre-start right requires a lot of good timing, team work, boat handling, and strategic planning. Getting all this right will require you to collect a lot of memorial snapshots of pre-start situations as they happen to you. And, that will require you to sail a lot of match races :)
But here is a help for both you and me. I've been taking notes of interesting pre-start situtations I've been encountering so far, both to study them (possibly with others) and to put them right into my memorial collection. Starting with this one, I plan to post these here. Please contribute such experiences to me if you have any (either in words or sketches, or both).
The presented case is sort of a book-case that happened to me. I was the blue boat in this sketch and benefited from two big mistakes of my opponent to win the start. First mistake that yellow makes is to allow blue to get the windward advantage at position 2. From here on, blue is free to tack and get away from yellow towards the right side of the line. Here, the two boats start circling, a procedure that happens frequently in match racing as boats try to avoid and control each other at the same time. Now, comes the second mistake; yellow leaves the circling stage too early and shoots for the line. At the time she gets there it's too early for start. Blue, now comes from behind and has the chance to push yellow out of the line. Yellow, trying to avoid this has to sail away (run away from blue) and ends up far from the line at the starting gun, giving the lead to blue!
I called this a classic book-case, because it shows the difference between the mind set of a fleet racer and the match racer. In fleet racing, it is common to get to the line early to secure a nice spot. Now in match racing, there is no such thing as a nice spot on the line! The only nice spot that exists is the one where you have the control over your forget about where you are on the line at start...even forget that you should be on the line at all! You just have to make sure that you block your opponent from starting! (that's if you can :)


Blogger Fred said...

Hi Turos, like your site.
Good point made. More practise gives you more situations to call them of. I have seen on your website, that you have access to Dragons. One of the best possibilities to train situations, rules and everything, are slow moving keelboats or big sailing school dinghies. Following is a simple routine for more and better practise which I used very successfully, when I was a Match Racer. Will put it soon, on request of my Match Race friends from Hamburg, on my site.

Take 7 sailors with good helming abilities, 2 boats of the same type and a Laser, small powerboat or else. Take one small buoy/mark with you. Lay a starting line with a fixed mark or your small craft. Man the sailing boats as following: 1 Helmsman, 1 Crew, 1 Umpire each. I had prepared: 2 protest flags on sticks. 2 table tennis rackets each for the umpires. One showed black/white and the other yellow/blue. Rule Incident with a protest flag from a competitor: umpires (sitting on the stern or standing up in the hatch of the boat) shows colour of the boat (either yellow or blue flagged on backstay) Umpires show different colours: No incident. Showing white: no incident and black: DSQ. Absolutely no contact between boats!

You do a full starting routine (set clock and diving in) and short windward leg until one is clearly in front. You sail back to the starting line and swoop positions. Everyone should man the starting boat once in a full round robin. The starting boat is fitted with flags and a horn or whistle. The starter should write down the results on a list.

Afterwards have a good debriefing and a beer and I promise you. It will show results pretty soon. Smooth sailing.

5:38 PM  
Blogger CityZen said...

Hi Turos, I like your site. I would like to ask you two questions. One is relevant to prestart tactics and the other relevant to gathering info.
1. I frequently get cought to a situation where I am the Port boat and manage to escape from the opponent and obtain the STB side of the track. This often leads to a catch-me-if-you-can game towards the right side where my opponents will try to block me outside the starting line by preventing my jibe. I usually delay my jibe and thus delay the lead in, giving my opponent the advantage to stay in front of me. I know the advise is "dont delay" the lead-in. But I hate having to calculate time, I would prefer to find another way to keep the right side without running far away to the right from the committee boat. Any advise?
2. Is there a site where you can find information and tips over match racing?

Thank you and keep up the good job!


1:28 PM  
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